This Classification essay is about different strategies companies use in thier advertising to attract more customers.

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Companies use strategies like sex appeal, youth appeal, and humor in their billboards, commercials, posters, etc. to attract their customers. Clothing designers, automobile companies, and toy makers all use some of those strategies in some way. These types of companies have many of the same strategies used in their advertising.

Clothing designers have billboards, commercials, and posters that attract theirs customers. Sex appeal is used a majority of the time. Sexy women are used to attract men and sexy men are used to attract women. When you watch commercials, see the billboards, and see posters there is a woman wearing tight jeans, a tight skimpy skirt and a tight shirt. Or you see a man wearing perfect fitting jeans with his shirt off to show off his muscles. Those strategies are intended to attract the opposite sex to but those clothes for their mate or for the same sex to buy it for themselves to look like the models in the pictures.

Automobile companies use the same types of advertising strategies to attract their customers. In their commercials you see a man in a new car and sexy women attracted to him because he has a new car. This advertising strategy tells a man that he should get the car because he will attract more women than he ever did before because having that kind of car gives him sex appeal. Humor is also used in automobile commercials advertisements. Some commercials have some chasing after a car, driving around in circles, or driving from one side of the street to the other just to drive the car. In their billboards and posters they show the same strategies.

Toy companies use youth appeal and humor to attract their customers. The commercials for toys attract the youth to buy their...