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Cleaning the Cities Many cities in the valley need immediate cleaning. Is the beautification of Valley cities such as Brownsville a fair and beneficial project for the residents. As a resident, I strongly agree with this idea. The reason why I am in favor is because beautification would be very beneficial because it would provide more space for children and less illnesses would occur. The city would be safer.

First of all, beautification is one of best methods, to have a better place for our children. Sometimes children do not have a place to play, because the yard of our houses are unclean. For example, if we live in a small yard and we have a chonk of car, the children just have the option to go play on the street, because children do not have space to play in their homes. Some people don't care too much if their children have space to play.

For example, my neighbor has two girls, and he doesn't care if the girls are playing on the street they have his yard unclean, they have to pay more attention to that because the children are more safer in the yard, but first they have to clean it.

Futhermore, if each city put in plan the beautification of the Valley, they would decrease illnesses. With a clean yard everything is possible. There will be less children with infections. For example the mosquitoes cause infections in children and in adults, especially in babies. There are too many people who have children and do not care too much of that. For example, my neighbor has a little girl and every morning when I see the baby, I see with mosquitoes bites on her, and everything is because of the unclean yard that they have. They have to...