Climate Change

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Climate Change

Everyday the weather around each and every one of us is changing. Whether it is temperature change or just the force of the wind, everyday it is something different. Unfortunately it is not just the weather that changes; the climate is changing as well. Unlike the change in the weather though, a change in the climate can be permanent. There are many attributes to climate change, and many wonder if our own fast food nations have anything to do with this change in our climate; indeed they do. How is it that our very own livestock can contribute to this change in our climate? Climate change is a complex cycle all on its own, and for years scientists have been trying to figure out a way to either stop or slow down climate change. A reasonable solution to slow down this rapid climate change, or even stop it, needs to be reached as soon as possible.

I find myself very interested to find out the true cause of the rapid heating of our planet. The drastic change in our climate has even been brought to the attention of our government; they too are working to come up with a solution to this global crisis. Who is to blame for climate change? One may ask. That question has more than just one answer to it.

For generations now, we humans as a whole have contributed to climate change. From working factories, to our disposed waste, to the very cars we drive every single day, or even to the food we consume, one way or another all of these have contributed to our nation's climate change. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, "Agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of the total...