"To Clone or Not to Clone...That is the Question." This essay provides reasonable arguments going for human cloning.

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Wouldn't it be great if people could have children regardless of any diseases or even of their gender? Well, with human cloning, this may no longer be a dilemma to the human race. This is one of the many reasons why you should support human cloning. In addition to having a great and positive medical perspective, cloning allows individuals of great genius or talent to be duplicated and infertile or homosexual couples offspring.

First of all, cloning has a very positive medical perspective. "Cloning would help scientists to understand the causes of miscarriages ? and eventually treat stillbirths or spontaneous abortion." Parents who risk passing defects into their children (through natural reproduction) can easily avoid the problems by using cloning. If a sick husband had some sort of disease, then the robust wife of that couple can just be cloned to produce a fit baby. Furthermore, damaged nervous systems could be easily treated through cloning, too.

In the end, many diseases such as mental or physical retardation could be avoided.

Secondly, cloning can allow families or societies to reproduce individuals of great genius or talent. Famous and bright scientist may be cloned so they can invent better technology or bring more intelligence to the world. We could also clone individuals who are alive and then being them together to work as a team. They may even find a cure for deadly diseases such as a cancer. Can you imagine how exceptional our world would be if we created another Steven Hawkings? Therefore, we are not harming anyone or anything with human cloning, but we are instead working for a better future by adding useful knowledge to the world.

Lastly, human cloning offers infertile or homosexual couples children. There are many people who dream of and try to...