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Cloning The reason for cloning is to make better engineering of the offspring of animals or humans. Cloning can also help make cures for diseases and let the science of embryology learn how an organism grows over time. Cloning could greatly increase the means of agriculture. The technique for cloning livestock is called nuclear transfer. Currently, the phenotype of livestock is being altered to preferred traits. This technique has not been mastered and only 5 % of the livestock show this trait. Scientists can easily change the traits of an adult. This makes it much easier to alter genetic material. Transgenic is another goal for livestock. This makes them into ideal characteristics for the use of human consumption or other duties such as eggs and milk. This process is very inefficient and is not easily done. Researchers can gather and grow adult cells in greater amounts than embryos. Then they genetically alter these cells and clone the ones that they altered.

There has also been talk about cloning endangered species. However, cloning research is only being used for the improvement of humans. Cloning pig organs has been attempted but humans reject these organs. There are possibilities for those who are having trouble with having a child. They would use cloning to take the place of an embryo. Single women could have a child by cloning instead of in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

The writing above was all happy and good so maybe you should check out the reasons why we shouldn't use cloning. First, the biggest problem is if we were to use cloning, there would be less differences among people. If everyone was cloned, and the cloning ability was lost, we would have to resort to use natural reproduction. This would cause many problems because this would...