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Ever imagine what life would be like if there were no human difficulties? Cloning is the process when organisms, cells, or microorganisms are copied to produce an almost identical genotype. It is almost identical because a clone will not be exactly the same as the original person. They wont have the same environment and experiences as the person they are the clone of. Their personality would also be very different as well as their mitochondria and uterine that make the person different. Human cloning should be legalized. There is a scarcity of organs; therefore, human organs would be cloned for transplants. Cloning also benefits people who can not reproduce. It can cure and prevent some of today's most common and deadliest diseases.

If a person needs an organ transplant he or she usually would remove an organ from another person. This organ could be rejected and many complications might occur.

Human cloning uses the person's own cells to produce a healthy, normal organ. With cloning, there would be no need for anti-rejection drugs to keep the foreign organ alive and working. Cloning could also be used for burn victims when they are badly burned and need a skin graft. The normal way of getting new skin would be to artificially grow it in a special lab and attach it to the body hoping that the body wont reject it. If cloning were used, a sample of the skin could be taken, cloned and then additional cells grown would be their own cells and would function as normal skin would with no danger of rejection. There would be no more brain damaged people because brain cells could be cloned and replaced with the damaged cells. Heart attacks can be reversed by cloning healthy heart cells and replacing them with the damaged...