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How Do You Feel About Cloning? Do you agree with cloning or don't you? To tell you the truth, I don't think that we should clone Human beings just to bring them into the world. Why would u clone another person? The world is already over populated. People are starving of food in other countries! And now we want to bring more people into the world. They don't even have cloning down on a cat or a Lamb. I mean they can clone one but the animals had have promblems in there bodies. I disagree with the some of the cloning thing. Another reason I disagree with it is what's the point? to give people kids cause they can't have any? well go adopt some poor kid without a family! give all the orphans a family before you make new ones! humans are so smart, why not go find a cure for cancer or aids? why waste your time on cloning? The only way I would agree with cloning is if they only cloned food.

Like Fish, or pigs or cattle. We need more food to feed the people around the world that don't have the food for there bodies to surive in the real world. Meaning they don't have good health. Another reason I would agree with it if it was told making people healther. Human cloning technology could be used to reverse heart attacks, Embryonic stem cells can be grown to produce organs or tissues to repair or replace damaged ones. Skin for burn victims, brain cells for the brain damaged, spinal cord cells for quadriplegics and paraplegics, hearts, lungs, livers, and kidneys could be produced. Infertile couples can have children; those women at high risk for Down's syndrome can avoid that risk by cloning. We should be able to clone the bone marrow for children and adults suffering from leukemia, we may learn how to switch cells on and off through cloning and thus be able to cure cancer, there are also many other benefits. But I disagree on cloning a whole human being just to bring them into the world! I Think that we should have a Law saying that we cant clone humans but we can use cloning to make our lives healthier. I think that cloning is somewhat a waste of money but if I didn't have a leg and they cloned a leg for me that would be great.