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Advances in Science Changing the Path Ahead

Gina Kolala's, A Clone Is Born, is another example of another scientific discovery. The world has depended on scientific discoveries and technological advancements for thousands of years. Cures for numerous diseases were gained from these advancements. The world will continue to depend on science to bring the human race forward with new revelations.

Dolly is a clone. She was created out of a genetic material from the cell of a sheep that was six years old, contrary to the normal conception by a sperm and an egg. This cell was fused with an egg from another sheep. All of the genetic material was removed from the egg, and the genes of the cell instead adapted in the egg and developed. This became Dolly an identical twin of the sheep from where the cell was taken. This twin was born six years later after the birth of the first sheep.

As Gina Kolata puts it, "When the time comes to write the history of our age, this quiet birth, the creation of this little lamb, will stand out" (509), as all scientific discoveries have. Cloning is not only a scientific discovery that broaches on social issues it also touches on ethical issues as well (510).

Since the creation of Dolly and the cloning of a human embryo, the world must now decide if this procedure should be introduced into our society and accepted as another scientific advancement for the good of mankind.

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There are many who feel that cloning should be held in abeyance for future scientific research. Some are worried that we will create a world of carbon copies or we are tampering with a higher power. Jewish tradition believes that we are obligated to help master the world. However, Jewish...