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Should cloning be allowed or not? Many people think and have different opinions about the question. For that reason surveys have been made to see the actual results. They have come to the answer that cloning should not be allowed due to religious beliefs. A few people as my self, belief otherwise. If cloning would be allowed they would be able to bring back the greatest minds of our life. The Christians and the Church are the main enemies of cloning. They belief that if God wanted them back they would have been back already.

Cloning is the process in which DNA is taken and used egg cells fertile, then implanted. Cloning will soon be used for cloning organs, which will help the medical science a great deal. When a survey was made about cloning organs people agreed with it but disagreed about the human cloning. Weather you will clone one body organ or a human being it's the same basic principle.

There were not as many people angry when Dolly the sheep was cloned or the cat.

Many Christians say that cloning is against Gods will. The think that many birth defects will occur when the cloned baby is born. They also believe that whatever disease was in the original person it would be transferred into the cloned person. Today's scientists can clean out any defects from the DNA. People are also afraid if Cloning is one hundred percent safe. If they are shown that no mistake could be made they would look at it in a different way.

There are people that also think that we need to give other people the chance to succeed too. The only problem with this is those people have to start learning from zero. The people that are already familiar with the...