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Human cloning also has many factors that, at the present time, are unpredictable, which causes many people to fear the possibilities of human cloning. The amount of attempts at cell fusion for the sheep Dolly was beyond belief. First, scientists attempted 277 fusions between the nucleus of the activated cell and the egg of the mother; only 29 of these began to divide. The scientists then implanted these 29 dividing cells into mother sheep. Of the 29 implanted cells, 13 mothers became pregnant, and from the 13 pregnant sheep, only one, Dolly, survived. Obviously, if the same procedures were done on humans, endless amounts of fetuses would be killed, and in actual fact, human cloning would become another form of abortion.

As one can see, very few cloning attempts are successful. Many clones die in utero, at late stages, or soon after birth; and those that survive more often than not show signs of severe birth defects.

In addition, female animals carrying cloned fetuses may face serious risks, including death from cloning-related impediments. Human cloning is likely to have similar negative outcomes.

Because many eggs are needed for human reproductive cloning attempts, human experimentation could subject more women to adverse health effects -- either from high levels of hormones used to stimulate egg production or because more women overall would be sought to donate eggs, which involves surgery with its own inherent risks.

Some scholars of human reproductive cloning have argued that voluntary, informed consent would give people the option of making educated decisions about having themselves used in research. Fully informing patients of potential health effects is difficult or impossible due to lacking critical information. Moreover, the cloned offspring -- who would face the greatest risks of abnormality and death -- would not be in a position to offer...