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Adam Kratz

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The other day I was sitting outside, just relaxing, having some time to myself. I was looking up at sky, amazed at all the natural phenomena, but especially the clouds. Everyone has looked up at the clouds and tried to decide what they look like. I was doing just that, looking at the large cumulus clouds and their different formations and shapes. While doing this, I thought of one question that I had never heard been answered, or even asked. This question is, "Why do clouds move?"

I was observing large cumulus clouds, countlessly passing by. The clouds would break apart and join others. Above the cumulus clouds, eerily floated thin strands of cirrus clouds. The clouds just floated on past me, wandering carelessly across the sky. I specifically focused on one small cumulus in particular. The cloud looked like a giant rubber duck, made out of cotton.

It glided across the sky, passing the other clouds with ease. After a few seconds, the rubber duck morphed into a shaped that could not be described. This new blob formation appeared to float into a towering cumulus cloud, but soon later came out behind it. I followed this cloud until it rolled over the horizon and was no longer visible. Watching this cloud made me realize the question I had never heard, "Why do clouds move?"

One hypothesis I have proposed for this question is that they simply don't. I am saying that clouds don't move. It is just the rotation of the Earth that creates the illusion of the clouds moving over us. I proposed this hypothesis based on the fact that the clouds all appear to move in the same direction. This made me think that maybe the clouds aren't actually...