cobalt 60

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Krizia Cham

Cobalt 60

Cobalt 60 is produced artificially by neutron activation of the isotope. Cobalt 59 has 32 neutrons (59-27) and cobalt 60 has 33 neutrons (60-27).Cobalt 60 has many uses in the medicine and the industry world. One of the main reasons Cobalt 60 is used, is medically by the use of gamma rays and beta particles emitted. Co-60 isotopes are to treat conditions such as cancer. Gamma rays are not particles but bursts of energy released after alpha and beta particles have been emitted. The gamma ray is highly penetrating and can be stopped by lead or concrete, and travels at the speed of light. Co-60 is also medically used for radiation therapy for implants and similarly as external source of radiation exposure. Cobalt 60 is mainly used for a therapy name 'Gamma Knife'. Gamma knife is a therapy which allows doctors to treat brain tumours patients because the scan is really precise.

Gamma knife is a highly effective and precise instrument that uses radiation of 201 beams to treat the brain. Because Co-60 is very reliable on the Gamma knife therapy, it has been running for almost 60 years. The benefit of gamma knife treatment is that it is safe. Because the radiation falloff is very steep outside the target area, the surrounding brain tissue is spared harmful after effects. With approximately 40 years of clinical research 700,000 patients were treated worldwide, the Gamma knife has along, evidence-based clinical record in treating a variety of indications with fewer risks than open surgery in a single outpatient treatment session without general anaesthesia. The gamma knife is highly effective with 700,000 patients treated. Gamma knife surgery is highly cost effective and generally fully reimbursed by insurance. The cost for Gamma knife surgery is normally half the cost...