Cobalt & Lithium

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Cobalt was discovered in 1735 by a Swedish scientist Georg Brandt. The origin of its name means evil spirit. It is a metal with an atomic number of 27 and an atomic weight of 58.933200 amu's. Its symbol is Co and it resides in Group 9 Period 4. It is a metal and has a lustrous silver shine to it which resembles iron or nickel. Unlike most metals which are malleable, Cobalt is actually quite brittle. It is also one of the transition metals with a Hexagonal crystal structure.

Cobalt occurs naturally throughout the world and can be mined. It is used in many commercial, industrial and military uses. It is most commonly used to make gas turbine aircraft engines but is also used to make magnets, corrosion and wear resistant alloys, high speed steels, cemented carbides and diamond tools.

Lithium was discovered in 1817 by a Swedish Chemist who was analyzing a strange ore named Petalite.

This Swedish Scientist, Johann August Arfvedson, detected traces of an unknown substance in the Petalite. This was the first discovery of Lithium. The name Lithium comes from the Greek word for stone "lithos". The symbol Li was taken directly from its new name. In the 1850's W.T. Brande and Sir Humphrey Davy were the first to isolate the element.

Lithium does not exist in its standard form in nature because of its radical occurances that happen when mixed with water or air. The metal Lithium is actually so soft it can be cut with a sharp knife. It is the lightest and softest of all known metals. The only way to store lithium is in liquid paraffin, oil or kerosene which all contain no air.

Lithium's atomic number is 3. It contains 3 protons and 4 neutrons. It also has...