Cognitive Psychology

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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Behaviorism and cognitive psychology is frequently measured against each other mainly for reason of the intense differences between the outlook s of each discipline (Willingham, 2007). While behaviorism neglect to focus on psychological manners; cognitive psychology strives to establish an articulate type of development attributes of the mental process of individuals. Cognitive psychology has a status that is founded on experimental and scientific approaches (Anissimov, 2012). The key objective of cognitive psychology is to bring some understanding to how people convert information into feelings and events by the compound and complicated course of thinking (Anissimov, 2012). Cognitive psychology has not always been a well respected discipline of psychology; on the other hand, the turning points in the development of this matter left great thinkers no other choice. These turning points will be identified and the significance of behavioral observation in cognitive psychology will be discussed.

The psychological perception that focuses on the mental course of action, such as: believing, analyzing, recognizing, talking, and memorizing are known as cognitive psychology (Anissimov, 2012).

According to Cherry (2012), "The core focus of cognitive psychology is on how people acquire, process, and store information" (para.2). The author alleges that cognitive psychology is different from behaviorism because its standpoint is the inner psychological concepts; whereas behaviorism focal point is just what can be seen (Cherry, 2012). Even though cognitive psychology embraces the internal aspects of the mind; on the contrary, it discards the introspective methods of other perspectives, such as, psychoanalysis (Cherry, 2012). Behaviorism seemed to override many perspectives in the field of psychology; actually it was not until the 1950's when the wave began to move opposite of the behavior prospects and more towards cognitive. This is when the cognitive revolution began (Cherry, 2012).

Many key milestones gave a superior...