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Splash! As I dive into the water, I think about all the achievments and leadership I have performed. In the past 8 years of my life I have experienced the greatest achievement through swimming on the swim team. I compete on my own level -my best. My life is situated around swimming. I swim in the morning from 5:30 to 7:00 before school. This workout contains cardiovascular workouts and long distance sprints. After school, I attend another strainful practice with the Hickory High swim team for two hours.

This year I am captain of the Hickory High swim team. I have many responsibilities. As a team leader, for the year 2001-2002, I research the other times of swimmers and their ability to swim each event. According to these times, I put our fastest swimmers in each event. I put people who are dedicated to swimming, but may not be as fast as the others.

Also as captain of the team I have organized a phone tree to improve communication among the swimmers and to inform them of upcoming events. Another good team-building activity that I have organized is the making of our swim team attire. I arranged a date and timeto create the t-shirts. I also compiled a list of different designs and organized voting on which design the team liked best.

There are always faults to every accomplishment. In swimming I learned that being a leader is not yelling but is listening to others opinons. Sportsmanship plays a big role in swimming. It is not if you win or lose it is how you play the game. I have learned that winning is not everything but something merely to exist. The competition is like a saying, reach for the sky even if you miss you will land amoung the stars. Hopefully with my ability and leadership, and the talent and performence of the other swimmers as a team Hickory High will win the state championship meet in February.

I have overcome the hardships, the practices, the responsibilities, and the progress as a team to accomplish our goal. This swim team has what no other swimteam will ever have and that is the satisfaction of winning the state championships with the talent and leadership throughout the team. The stress of high school as an honors student, the responsibility of the swimteam, keeping up with my own swimming, and the stress of the dreaded parents keeps me up and moving.