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-NOVEL STUDY ESSAY- - Characters are defined by what they can and can not accept People can be defined as a result of their actions toward particular incidents, as they act according to their beliefs. Authors try to encourage their reader to understand the key characters in their novel by building up their emotional worth, personality and nature. Authors will generally try to describe a character by capturing their emotions, feelings and actions in an event in the novel. We can determine a character's personality by how they respond to the events. In the novels Cat's Eye, written by Margaret Atwood, and The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, situations are presented and the characters in the novel respond according to their beliefs. A character reacts in a particular way towards certain situations which shows that they are in agreement to or that they oppose the idea being presented.

This suggests that characters are defined by what they can and can not accept about themselves and others.

Individual characters can be interpreted by what they can accept about themselves. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Myrtle Wilson is the woman with whom Tom Buchanan is having an affair. Myrtle want to be a part of Tom's life because he has a lot of money. She lets Tom push her around and treat her however he wants. She always thought she should have done better than her current husband and having an affair with Tom reinforces this belief of hers. Her current husband, George Wilson, is just a poor gas station owner. Myrtle would rather be treated like a dog by someone who has money instead of being cared for by someone who has no money. Myrtle's regret of marrying her husband is apparent when she is talking with Catherine...