Combating Organized Crime

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There has been much review and discussion in regards to which method of approach would be best suited to target organized crime. Should law enforcement supplement traditional police enforcement with additional officers and prisons, or are new enforcement approaches required to combat organized crime? The shortfalls of traditional police enforcement will be discussed, as will the evaluation of new approaches for the regulation of organized crime. Topics of proactive measures, rather than reactive, will be addressed. Suggested methods of approach and possible solutions to the problems will also be discussed.

Combating Organized Crime


As time passes, the question of traditional law enforcement, as opposed to new techniques, methods, and procedures of targeting organized crime must be addressed. Technological advancements will continue to benefit preventing and solving crimes. Law enforcement has taken advantage of these innovations, such as wiretaps and other surveillance equipment, to investigate organized crime. Do these advances in technology increase the chances of apprehending suspects? Are the traditional means of investigating organized crime sufficient? Will the criminals have respect for the laws, or will they continue to weigh the risks? The government and law enforcement must consider these questions while exploring about how best fight organized crime.

Increase Traditional Police Enforcement

Traditional policing requires police officers to react to incidents. Police officers are driven by calls for service. Traditional policing gives limited information to the community. In traditional policing, supervisors have strict control over patrol officers, and police officers have very limited discretion. Traditional policing is bogged down with thick bureaucratic regulations.

When it comes to organized crime, traditional policing does not work. Traditional police officers are not out in the community attempting to get information or even give information to the general public on their advances or setbacks in dealing with organized crime. Traditional policing...