Commedia Dell'arte

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Isabella is 17 and it is time for her schools formal. She wants to go with Orazio who is Dotore's son, but he father Pantalone wants her to go with Lelio who is Capitano's son because they are in business together.


Pantalone, An Owner of many Hotels on the Gold Coast

Isabella, His daughter

Columbina, His other daughter

Capitano, Pantalone's partner and also past soldier

Lelio, his son

Orazio, Dotore's son.







Columbina = Isabella runs on stage chasing Columbina explaining that it is not fair that she can go with who she likes to the formal but she cant. Columbina turns around and chases Isabella hitting her with her fan. Both exit


Capitano = Pantalone explains that their children must go to the formal together because wealthy families must stay together, capitano agrees. Both exit


Orazio = both enter vowing their love for each other, not matter what.

Lelio = Lelio enters explaining that he is sorry for his father's actions and agrees to help both of them go together for he wants to go with Columbina. Isabella and Orazio exit. Lelio sits down wishing that Columbina would talk to him.

Columbina = enters and sits down next to Lelio. He tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him back. Lelio moves in for a kiss but Columbina moves her head around and he kisses her shoulder. Both Exit.


Pantalone = Pantalone is helping Isabella to pick out a prom dress for Lelio but Isabella is sulking. Pantalone tries to make her smile but gives up, gives her $500 and goes to get a beer. Pantalone Exits. Isabella walks around the shops dancing around with dresses.

Orazio = enters about to talk...