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Mock-Epic Poem Presentation

Ms. Conway

By: Margaret Gu

Despite my cries "Hear my prayers Apollo!"

For what is harmony without depth and unique expression?

18 Likewise what you seek for in females: charm and complexion.

Now, take heed before my erstwhile minstrel starts to play,

Over her tone and temper, whither seemed off-key,

Owing my passion, thinking her virtuous aspects would linger and stay,

Nay, for then, no gold can stay was all I believed.

Her disposition, alike so called Pop Music, is with no value, no body, no sense -

24 For her acts and quarrels flows out now as a sweetly unsavoury dissonance.

Harangues and ungodly tenors: (she said) at the power of Muse;

Mimics the fading devotion of milestones which surrounds,

Barring only sax and violins that she now pursues.

Chaos! Inspiring dirges which worthless words of Hades are pulled to the ground.

Chaos! Her catchy Linus nature never fools the named.

30 Chaos! For adoration is gone, no longer neutered and tamed.

Commentary Analysis:

Mock-epics references classical work with humor that is often defined by principles of modernity, overstatement, criticism and knavery; our satirical poem is no exception. Likewise, through the progression of time, and in comparison to the music in the ancient Greek era, we feel that our exposure to the evolution of music mortality has increasing become 'unsettling'. To evict tedium in our topic, we personified the music controversial as a conflicted couple. Our mock-epic poem draws heavily on the technique of satire (irony, exaggeration and sarcasm) and rhetorical devices to mock the degradation of value and meaning in modern popular music, in the context of a relationship.

In stanza three, as Mayuri had summarized, portrays the relationship as a representation of music as an ever-changing culture/society. This also includes the causes...