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Communication in a Health Care Setting

Proper care in any health care setting is contingent on effective communication between patients and providers. "Effective communication promotes collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork, helps ensure that ethical and legal responsibilities and professional patient standards are met, and contributes to positive patient outcomes" (Jakubek & Astle, 2014, p. 243). During a personal care home visit, verbal and non-verbal interactions were observed between a combination of health care providers and residents. The aim of this paper is to look at environmental influences, positive and negative communication, and suggestions for therapeutic concepts that could be applied to provide effective communication.


According to Jakubek & Astle (2014), environmental distractions are common in health care settings and therefore, can interfere with messages being sent between people. The writer was able to identify several environmental facilitators and barriers that appeared to influence the ability of successful communication.

Upon arrival to the facility, writer was greeted by the secretary and escorted to a 15 bed long-term care unit.

The unit was warm and inviting, consisting of large art work and indoor vegetation. The unit consisted of a common room, dining room, team station, quiet area, individual resident rooms, a kitchenette, and access to a courtyard. The team station was designed at an appropriate height for interaction among ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents. Picture-based information located throughout the unit helped residents with different mental capacities understand hospital menus and identify the date and weather. There were personal photos with corresponding names on each resident's door and several other visual cues such as white boards, listing various patient activities for the day. These were great orientation tools for staff, residents, and visitors which created a pleasant environment. The overall atmosphere was positive and outgoing with lots of lighting, windows, and room for private...