Communication in Nursing

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IntroductionThis assignment will cover the theory on the importance of communication in nursing, aided by a reflective account of a clinical placement experience. The clinical placement reflection will highlight the importance of how communication had a very relevant role upon a situation encountered on placement, and its support of the communication theory.

The situation that will be addressed was with a patient with whom I had cared extensively for over the course of a six-week placement. For confidentiality reasons, The Code of Professional Conduct (NMC, 2008) will be abided by, and the patients name will be changed to a pseudonym of Mr Peter Jacobs.

The communication process, as Ellis et al (2003) acknowledge; is a process of interacting with one or more people using a basic process of a sender, a receiver and a message set within a particular context, that is used via means of both verbal and non-verbal messages.

Understanding the basic principles of communication should be a fundamental skill of any nurse, and though every nurse will be taught this skill, still a proportion of nurses, as Craven and Hirnle (2006) explain; will forget to communicate with their clients, or colleagues, when undertaking technical tasks, etc.

Whilst maintaining a professional, holistic and efficient means of communication process with a patient, a nurse should not forget that applying the same approach with his/her colleagues is equally important. Assumptions between colleagues should never be advised, as a nurse may have arrived late during the hand-over process, or may not have had time to look at a patients amended care plan, card-ex, etc. This could then lead to inappropriate care given to a patient, which in turn, could lead to all manners of implications.

The importance of communication within the nursing field shall be addressed with obtained theory from professional/creditable...