Communism in Russia (19th Centuary)

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YR 10 History Essay:

The Definition of communism is: A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labour for the common advantage of all members.

Communism was brought into place after 2 revolutions against the tsar in Russia, the

First was because the ruler of Russia Tsar Nicholas the second was a very corrupt and incapable ruler and the country was extremely poor and unhealthy in many ways. So they revolted to overthrow him. The revolution did not overthrow him but weakened his power substantially. The second revolution was to create a new type of social system and was successful in some ways.

The main idea of communism is that everybody is equal, so that the original lower and upper classes are all treated like equals. They are all represented by 1 labour party, which does things for the good of all the people.

Other aspects of this idea include they all have to pay the same taxes, give the same amount of food and work the same times; they would also be paid the same for their work.

Lenin who had been one of the main revolutionaries, and had been against the tsar, introduced Communism. After the revolution he saw it as his chance to start a new system. So he and the Bolsheviks brought in Communism.

The main idea of "communism" has been around for hundreds of years, but the more detailed version was created by people like Karl Marx in a document called the "Communist Manifest", in this document he outlined his views on the struggle of the classes and the confrontation between the ruling and the poor. The word used for the poorer classes was proletariat, soon these people were the most important, and they would...