Communist Manifesto

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According to Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, authors of The Communist Manifesto, capitalism is doomed because the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, is not strong enough to keep their rule and thus inevitably be taken over by the proletariat class. The bourgeoisie is composed of a class of modern day capitalists, meaning they are employers of wage laborers, the proletariats, and the owners of the means of production. The proletariats sell their labor to the bourgeoisie, thus relying on them for survival. The power lies with the bourgeoisie due to this temporary control of the modern development of industry. With the growth of the industrial way of living, the proletariat class increased in number, strength, and concentration, and there potential power. The bourgeoisie are producing this class of proletariats, or their "own grave-diggers. [The] fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable" (21).Up until this point, society has been based on class domination.

In order for this class oppression to stand firm, it must be sustainable, but the proletariats are becoming poorer and poorer. Their decline in society exemplifies how the bourgeoisie are unfit to rule. The proletariats are "a class of laborers, who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labor increases capital" (15). Labor in this time is not increasing capital, thus everybody suffers. The proletariats are slaves to the bourgeoisies in a sense, but the bourgeoisie cannot guarantee this existence of slaves with there unstable way of governing. This unique class of the proletariats is connected with better communication and a common, miserable existence. They are the majority in society, increasing in numbers everyday. But most importantly, they have nothing to lose, a fact that opposes bourgeoisie standing. To help themselves then, they have to...