Comparison Of Gatsby And Frank

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The similarities of Frank from Gallipoli and Gatsby from "The Great Gatsby" are rather strong. Frank was a very cunning man he wished to please people with his personality. He did not have people relate to him, he related to them so they would be pleased with the person he is. Frank would say lies and look away on moral ethics to just sound good and so people would like him. He was a man that had to be in the spot light and people had to look up to him so he would feel good about himself. Gatsby was much of the same kind of person he had "new money" and all he wanted was to fit in. Not into the middle class society but into East and west Egg society. He wanted people to talk about him he wanted people to think and wonder about him.

This gave his neighbors an interest in Gatsby and what he was about.

But Gatsby was not all that complex he through very elaborate parties to feel good about himself and that people would come to like him but also wonder. They both cared a lot what people thought about them and would change just to make them happy. There personalities I would not like, I do not believe you should change who and what you stand for another person. If they don't like you they can deal with it or not be a part of your life. These two men liked having people in there lives that not necessarily liked them for them, but liked them because the show they put on. The show that both men put on was a relating show. The goal was to show how much they are the same as you (rich, ect.) if not the same better. They wanted to be admired for not what necessarily they had but what people thought they had and what kind of person they were.