Comparison of A Good Man is Hard to Find and A Good Man is Hard to Find

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Comparison of "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find"


The setting of "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is in a place in Georgia, but the reader is not exposed to the description of the original setting. The story begins in a city that is not named where the family lives and takes the reader to many places where the family travels. There is "Plenty of local color - there are the old plantations that get passed, and Red Sammy's roadside barbeque joint." For "Love in L.A" the story takes place on the Freeway of Los Angeles, where Jake, protagonist, lazy, self-absorbed and irresponsible, is driving along the freeway (Dagoberto, 2004). The similarity in the setting of the two stories is the fact that story happens as an experience of persons travelling.

However the two stories are different because in "A Good Man is Hard to Find" it involves a family and the relationship to one another. This is not the dame case in "Love in L.A" where the story involves Jake who is driving along a freeway.


In "Love in L.A" Jake is presented as an irresponsible, self absorbed and lazy protagonist. This is seen when he hits Mariana's car due to his carelessness. Jake is also dishonest when he gives Mariana wrong information regarding his address, phone number, and insurance information (Dagoberto, 2004). The main reason as to why he does this is for him to walk free from the consequences he is likely to face for hitting Mariana's car. Mariana is the story's antagonist. She believes the information given to him by Jake and she gives her correct information to Jake, with...