When in Conflict do you value more individual rights or protection of groups?

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I like to play the game of chess. There are a lot of different ways to win the game. You can play defense all game until your opponent makes a bad move, and that's when you step in and beat him with you strategic game plan and wits. Another way is to kill as many pieces as you can. The other way to win the game is to kill your opponents best piece that is still left on their board. Should one go for one piece or for all of the little pieces and work their way up. In comparison to our topic, when in conflict, is it more important for the rights of an individual to the rights of a group.

Say that there is a rumor going on in school about a boy. Everyone is saying that he had sexual relation with twenty-three girls. He has aids. He got aids from a tattoo.

Should he have to tell the girls that he has aids before they have sexual relation with each other? Should he have to forfeit his rights as an individual and protect the rights of the group?

If one applies for the army or is forced to go into it there is an application form. It will ask one all of their personal information. If it asked one if they have ever had sex, or have any sexual transmitted diseases. Should one answer these private questions about them self? Should one answer them and have more people know about their personal information? Are ones individual rights taking away over this conflict?

In many conflicts, or situations the value of group rights are worth more then the value of individual rights. I believe that the value of group's rights is more than an individual. If ten people...