Confucianism: The Answer to All Success and Failures

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Confucianism: The Answer to All Success and Failures

While the ideology of Confucianism played a crucial role in explaining the longevity of the Chinese empire which lasted 2232 years, it was also the causing factor for the numerous internal and external crises, which eventually led to the total collapse of the imperial China. Although the practice and concept of Confucianism is widely known as it was strongly implemented and educated by the official state during the Qin Dynasty, the surrounding situation at the time and the thinking process of the people that allowed people to accept the idea and firmly follow is less known. Complete understanding of Confucianism in historical context not only demonstrates how powerful the ideology was in holding relatively large China together for such a long period, but it also explains why and how all the different social classes accepted the idea so easily and firmly practiced it in the first place.

Confucianism, which was more than a value or philosophy, worked as the base for the political and economical decisions during the time. Because of such the strong influence of Confucianism, people often failed to come to an agreement, but only continued by using enforcement from one to another. In summary, what seems like a traditional belief or philosophy of ancient Chinese people is actually the reason as well as the base for their political events and economical turnout during the imperial period.

Before understanding what the ideology of Confucianism means, it is important to consider the conditions and environmental factors of early China that first shaped the values and institutions. Since ancient times, the number of people always exceeded the amount of resources such as water and land, making them depend on labor power...