Console Video Gaming and It's Progression: For Better or For Worse? By: M. D. Bromley

Essay by SaberyteHigh School, 11th grade March 2004

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Why is it that we always have to go for something better and bigger? We are never content with what we have? It seems like just yesterday that the 2GB iPod was released. Everyone was happy! Then came the 5GB iPod. We were happy. But alas! The 10GB model was released, and now comes the 20GB.

One might feel overwhelmed with the mass of products and improvements coming out. One just gets comfortable with their current model and POOF! Out comes version 2 or 3. Did you know that a new computer model is obsolete as soon as it's put on the shelf?

With the gaming industry just barely keeping up with the cravings of its consumers, it too must keep a forward flow. But is this really the best possible answer? Well, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that not much can stop progress from progressing. And who doesn't want to see if Microsoft or Sony will win the "Console Wars?" No, in the sense that one is probably content with what they have.

Is their really much else one NEEDS from a gaming system that the Xbox or PS2 or even the GameCube cannot provide now?

This writer knows that the companies are most assuredly producing the GeNext consoles as this is being written. But one does not have much improvement to look for. What can the Xbox or PS2 do next? Store video clips? Hook up to your computer legally? Better graphics or online play? Pretty much all the GameCube should improve on is the lack of DVD playability and online play. As a matter of fact, Nintendo is suffering its first fiscal loses since the late 70's, early 80's. It is like they are taking two steps forward and three steps back.

In conclusion...