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What is a Constitution? The word constitution was originated from ancient Greek times. The Greek word for constitution, politeia, means any form of government or regime as it functions in its entirety.

The ancient Greeks believed that a constitution was a cultural phenomenon. They also believed that it was a formal expression of the way people do politics and the appropriate public attitudes that support a particular form of government. Therefor a constitution to them was a product of culture. Political scientists of today call this attribute a political culture.

It has been said that in this Day and age people look at the word constitution in a much narrower sense. Many modern constitutions are merely showcased for the international community that provide some governments with rhetorical opportunity to appear democratic. Basically all laws, rules, and practices that structure the way the Canadian political system runs come together to form the "constitution" of Canada.

The Constitution includes many great statutes, orders-in-council, and judicial decisions that interpret these documents. In addition, there are informal rules, called constitutional conventions, that regulate how our political actors behave and act.

To what extent can a constitution be considered a "flexible or a "rigid' document? A good example of a flexible constitution would be those of Great Britain and New Zealand. These constitutions ore flexible because they can be amended by the same procedures used to pass ordinary laws. But most constitutions are rigid in the sense that they can be formally amended only by special procedures more complicated to enact than ordinary legislation.