Consumption, Saving and Investment trends in Bangladesh

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INTRODUCTION TO THE REPORTORIGIN OF THE REPORTThe report's study is concentrated on the trends of investment, consumption and savings in Bangladesh and their overall effect on the business cycle of the economy.

OBJECTIVESThe broad objective of this report is to analyze in consumption, savings and investment in Bangladesh. The reports objectives can be divided into the following:To give an overall study of consumption, savings and investmentTo find the exact amount of in consumption, savings and investment that has taken place in the past five years, analyze the data and break them down to why they took placeMETHODOLOGYThe research conducted in this report is of descriptive nature. Secondary data analysis was selected as the basic research method.

Data CollectionData for this report has been extracted from secondary sources, as the descriptive nature of the study to prepare this report calls for existing facts and information compilation.

Source of Secondary DataMajority of the secondary data was obtained from the internet and newspaper archives.

Moreover, data was also collected from publications of organizations such as ADP, UNDP etc. Interviews with economists were also regarded as a source of information.

Data processing and analysisCollected information was processed with the aid of MS Excel and other Microsoft applications.

LIMITATIONSThe major limitation in this report was the absence of relevant articles or in-depth studies on the macroeconomic scenario of Bangladesh. The absence of information pertaining to the tax structure and such made a complete analysis impossible, while the current political deadlock had made it very hard to collect information from primary sources. Technical and environmental constraints hampered the course of the report as well. Due to time constraints, extensive research was not possible. The analysis and recommendations presented here may vary with opinions of experts in this field of study, owing to limited economics knowledge on...