Coping With Stress

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If something happens, and it causes stress for me, I have learned what I can do to relieve the stress. Most of the time, I try not to let things get to me, but sometimes it is too much. At these times I will sometimes laugh about it and the stress will go away if I can make it seem funny. Another way that I deal with stress is to read a book. Reading takes my mind off of the problem. Whenever my whole day is stressful, then I will go work on my car for a while. When I am working on my car, getting greasy and dirty, for some reason doing this calms me down. I focus all of my attention on fixing my car and when I am done, I am much calmer and more ready to deal with any problems that I have to face. Most of the time I relieve my stress by driving around in my truck.

I do not really have any particular place to go, I just enjoy the ride while it is there. All of my worries go away when I am driving and whenever I stop again, I feel refreshed and a burden is lifted off of my shoulders. I think that driving is my best strategy that works to relieve stress. All of my strategies work very well but, driving is the one that I do the most. The only bad part is that I use a lot of gas and put a lot of miles on my truck. I do not need to change it though, it always seems to work the best.