The Costs Of War

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America is at War. Some are in support of it, and others oppose it. It matters not which side is taken, because the American people pay for the war. Every person that pays taxes on American soil has a hand in funding those troops sent over to protect democracy from terrorism. Whether the American people agree with it or not they have the responsibility of paying for the war. But at the same time, the people have a right to know what they are paying for.

The first cost of War is obviously the needs and necessities of those troops whom are sent onto the battlefield to fight. Basic needs like; food, water and shelter. The first thing a soldier in the field needs is food and water. These are supplied in the form of individual rations MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). The number of rations each soldier carries can vary depending on the mission requirements, but many soldiers given the option of carrying less rations versus have extra ammunition.

The average soldiers would elect the extra ammunition. Despite this fact food is still a major cost when sending soldiers into the field.

The next cost would be that of all of the equipment each individual soldier carries. These items include:

Kevlar Helmet with cover. (Optional night goggle glasses)

Flack Vest (bullet proof vest)

BDU or DCU (BDU-Battle dress uniform green) (DCU- Dessert Cover Uniform brown)

M16A1 Semi-Automatic Rifle

LBE (Load Bearing Equipment-suspenders with belt; holds ammmunition, flashlight, canteen and miscellaneous items)


Black Socks

Brown Underwear

Brown T-shirt

Dog Chains

Ruck Sack (back pack which houses MRE (meals ready to eat), shelter half (need two to make a tent) entrenching tool (fold down iron shovel)

Protective Mask (Gas Mask)

MOPP Gear (Mission Oriented Protective Posture Gear, used for chemical...