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The Role of Covenant in the Bible

Isabella Pignatello

April 3, 2013

The bible is a book filled with many different themes and lessons, most of them having a direct root in the idea of human nature. One reoccurring theme or event rather, that stood out to me was the idea of covenant in the bible. Covenant plays a huge role in the Christian religion, and it could even be said that it holds the whole basis of Christianity.

There are quite a few covenants throughout the bible made between God and man. Webster's New World Dictionary defines the word covenant as "A binding and solemn agreement to do or keep from doing a specified thing; compact, a will, or an agreement made by or between two or more parties; orig., a covenant, esp. one between God and man; a statement, act, etc. testifying to the fact, validity, or worth of something; testimonial". The covenant resembles powerful ancient codes and treaties.

In ancient times of the bible, covenants were as easy to understand as the fact that you breathe in and out to live. A marriage is a covenant; a friendship was not made unless you made a covenant with the other person. Covenants were made every day, all the time, and they were never to be broken. Covenants between men can only be broken by death. The biblical covenant, however, represents not only a contractual agreement but also a powerful, passionate, relationship between god and humanity.

There are two different types of covenants in the bible; conditional and unconditional. Conditional covenants are based on the fact that there is an agreement that both parties must comply with, otherwise the covenant may be broken. God gives man certain conditions that must be followed through on in order for him to...