Creating the Heathcare Committee

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Healthcare Committee

HCA 459: Senior Project

April 4, 2011


In the field of healthcare, managers and leaders need to realize that a committee, team, and mentoring approach to management can be the catalyst for improved patient care and employee satisfaction. In order for committees within the realm of a viable healthcare system to become successful, the committee members must be chosen with the intent to fulfill a tangible need within an organization. Also, through the creation of common goals and open communication, committees in the setting of healthcare are readily available to contribute to the advancement of the overall healthcare organization. Congruently, even a seemingly insignificant lack of communication or trust between team members can lead to failure. It is with the idea of a team mentality that leaders and managers are considered relevant contributors to the committee, but the whole of the team ideology should be developed in a manner as to facilitate a clearly defined chain-of-command.

With the development of a team or committee, no one member is more or less important than the other.

When establishing a healthcare committee, several elements are needed in order for the team environment to reach a positive conclusion and a system of cohesion. Very often, these elements include team member roles, team rules, logistics, conflicts, resolution of conflicts, and the inclusion of union and labor organizations. Each of these elements is separately and equally necessary for successful to be addressed at the beginning of any team assignment, this will allow team members to have a positive experience and eliminate any confusion as to what is expected from each team member.

A successful team or healthcare committee should be bonded by a common goal and open communication within the team. Also, acceptance and understanding that each individual presents a multitude of...