Critical Thinking and Language Essay

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A few years ago, I took a cruise vacation with my husband to New Zealand and Australia. It was a very relaxing and a incredible experience for both of us. During the day, the ocean was as blue as the sky. When I would look at the ocean it appeared to go on and as if it met the sky. As I would look down into the ocean I saw my reflection as if I were looking into a mirror. I find that when looking upon the ocean and watching the waves interact with one another, it's a reminder of how the human body functions on a daily basis. The ocean is constantly moving and changing just like the human body.

At sundown, it looked as if the sun had set right into the ocean. The sky looked so moody, but the light that you see can be inspiring and the water is wary, it just goes on forever.

As I stare at the ocean it can be mesmerizing all the different colors and sounds that you hear, if find that it is very peaceful. You can use your imaginations to describe the sea. It portrays itself as traveling forward almost as never-ending or even death. The ocean can also beWhat role does language and language diversity play in the critical thinking process? Language helps us to make sense of our thoughts. "Language is the 'software' that allows our brain to think the way it does; without language the cerebral cortex lies largely unused" (Kirby, Goodpaster, & Levine, 1999, 77). Language must be thought of when we are trying to communicate with others. Some questions that you might have to ask yourself before you communicate is does the person you are communicating with have the knowledge or have they been...