Crude Oil

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Chemistry Homework

Crude Oil

Ira Perrier


For Nicky and Sam to find which fuel is the best out of propane, ethanol and wood, they could test how much water each fuel can evaporate after being set alight. The amount of water that gets evaporated depends on the strength and duration of the flame. To conclude the fuel that evaporates the highest volume of water is the best fuel.


I predict that propane will be the best fuel then being followed by ethanol. Propane is an alkane with 3 carbon atoms. It has one of the shortest of alkanes, which means it is more flammable, because it has less atoms and is easier to react with oxygen.

Independent Variable (IV) - Is the type of fuel. (Wood, propane or ethanol)

Dependent Variable (DV) - Is the volume of water after evaporation.

Controlled Variable (CV) - Are the starting temperature of the water, the starting volume of water, the mass of the sample.

Risk Assessment:

As the fuels are flammable you are able to get burnt. To reduce the chance of this happening, don't be messing around near the fuels also clear you work space of any flammable objects that aren't part of the investigation and wear protective gloves and goggles.

As the water will be boiling hot you are able to spill it a get burnt. To reduce the chance of this happening, handle the pot of water with care.

It is important that any hot test tubes should be put in a test tube rack so no one touches them while they're hot.



Measuring Cylinder

4 Test Tubes

4 Heat Mats

Propane tank and adapter





Transparent fire resistant container

200ml of water



Test tube rack


Using your scales measure...