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Book 1 of Mere Christianity explores C.S. Lewis's thoughts on the Law of Human Nature and discusses the inevitable sense of Right and Wrong in every person with no exceptions. Lewis appeals to everyone and takes a gradual step towards proving the idea of a supreme designer with a master plan. Presenting himself in a respective yet direct manner, he challenges society upon the basis of how we view and understand ourselves and the universe.

The main topic discussed in Book 1 is the Law of Nature. According to our generation, we believe the "laws of nature" to usually represent "things like gravitation, or heredity, or the laws of chemistry"; however, the true "Law of Nature" refers to the idea that "every one [knows] it by nature and [does] not need to be taught it." Throughout time, man has deformed the original idea of the Law of Nature, and tends to neglect its true meaning.

Every one of us is born with a sense of right and wrong, and this is what Lewis is pointing out to us. It would be impossible to live out our lives without the guidance of a Moral Law to abide by. C.S. Lewis clearly points out that these laws are not relating to "what human beings in fact, do," but rather what they "ought to do." The Law of Human Nature tells us what we are supposed to do in a situation, and in every case, we have the ability to either follow that idea or turn the other way. It is not, however, something in which we have no choice to abide by; it is not a law such as "falling stones always obey the law of gravitation." Just as we have the option to disobey our sense of Right and Wrong, so...