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According to "Chief Executive"; April 2000 the average Cuban today earns only about $10 per month an impoverished country by any standard. While the current dictator Fidel Castro, now 73 still in power changes in the U.S. trade embargo is unlikely to change. Even President George W. Bush stated U.S. exports to Cuba could total $900 million in annual sales. However with a $10 a day budget it is hard to see how the Cubans could pay that amount. I argue for the continuation of the trade embargo until Fidel Castro dies then allocate a large amount of resources to the formation of a free market economy in the island nation.

Currently 60,000 Americans' travel to Cuba annually, most of them illegally if the trade embargo is dissolved over night this would created an inflow of tourists that the Cuban in fracture in not capable to accommodate. Hotel chains like the Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and others will race for real estate in hope of cashing in on the post trade embargo tourism industry estimated to be 10 to 20 times the size currently.

Another problem may be the huge Cuban-American population in Miami and other Florida cities that may be waiting to move back to their homeland absent of government control. There may be a large back-lash of Native Cuban who resent the idea of American thinking the island is there's for the taking. Policy makers would prefer a long-term solution to the problem as apposed to an overnight fix which would cause civil unrest, however Castro is not likely to change his government policies while he is still alive and I doubt the U.S. will ever back down to a Communist Regime, so the death of Castro may be the only starting point for long-term solution to get...