Culminating assignment for civics which details how I would creat awareness to change the outdated law of the sex offenders act.

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How Can I Make A Difference?

Why I choose this issue:

In light of the recent murder of Holly Jones, it seems timely for this country to address its sex offender laws. Specific focus should be placed on the pattern and behaviors of repeat sex offenders. Although currently a sex offender registry exists throughout Canada, it seems that this is not enough to protect the vulnerable, especially our children. After Christopher Stephenson's death in Brampton in 1993 it became apparent that police needed to monitor the activities and whereabouts of sex offenders in our communities. Not even ten years later, the same hideous crime cripples another community in Ontario. Public safety and public security are essential for everyday living. Crimes of this nature should have no place in our life. Stronger laws and more effective treatments are needed for these criminals. We should be able to live in a society free of these paralyzing crimes.

What factors surrounding this issue I would like to see changed:

Factor One: Public Information/ Communication

* Sexual registry information should be made available to the public.

* Local residency of a dangerous sex offender should also be public information.

* Residents of a neighbourhood where a dangerous sex offender resides should receive some sort of an alert/ information directly from the police.

Factor Two: Rehabilitation Effectiveness and Re-entry into society

* Rehabilitation treatment should be revisited and measured for effectiveness.

* Treatment be made mandatory to all sex offenders.

* A jail sentence is not sufficient rehabilitation for a sex offender. A comprehensive dangerous sex offender evaluation should be required before a person comes up for release. This should also include a psychiatric assessment.

* A more thorough re-entry plan into society must be devised for these offenders, with greater security...