Cultural differences between Indian civilization and Western civilization.

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India and us


In our Globalising world, the different cultures constantly come across each other. As a consequence, the ability to understand other cultures and to deal with cultural differences will probably be a major quality required in our future professional life. This year, thanks to the "Ichec housing project" we had the opportunity to gain experience on this subject. The topic of this essay is to explain the cultural differences that can exist between the Indian society and the Western society. In order to do that we will first make a theoretical analysis aiming to put in evidence the way those two societies are structured. We will also explain the differences that we can find between them. Then, we will analyze what was the result of the confrontation of these two cultures. In addition to that, I'll try to give my personal point of view on the evolution of India in the modern world in relation with my concrete experience.

Finally, We will analyze what were our reactions to this cultural difference during our stay in India.

Indian civilization and western civilization.

Equality and individual against hierarchization and collectivity.

The Western society is based on two principles. Firstable, for us the essential human reality consists of the human being as an individual, which means independent and self-sufficient beings. The life values are based on the individual as an isolated being and the private person is the main agent of the institutions. Secondly, our society is egalitarian. That means that in principle, all individuals are considered equal. Therefore, the society is based on the relations between individuals who are independent and equal to each other. Besides, the western civilization could be defined as a "rational" civilization because it's founded on material values. Religion no longer rules all the aspects...