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Victoria Bellido

Mr. Hoffman


12 December 2012

Cyber Bullying

The First Amendment of the US Constitution states that: "Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom of speech." When discussing the freedom of speech most people say that they have the right to voice their opinions on certain situations without the government coming into question. Cyber bullying is one current issue in todays society in which has caused many people to debate if freedom of speech overrules the right of protecting their children. Cyber bullying is when harassment takes place via Internet or even through cellphones. Even though the first amendment gives people the freedom of speech it doesn't mean that a person can abuse that right especially when cyber bullying can hurt others drastically. Cyber bullying should be protected by the first amendment because it violates defamation in certain cases and leads a person into taking their own life.

Defamation is when a statement is said or written in which has false accusations that can harm the other person's reputation. A fourteen-year-old girl named Alex Boston from Atlanta is suing two of her classmates for a libel case because students were cyber bullying her on Facebook. Two students created a Facebook page claiming they were Alex Boston and saying that she smoked marijuana, was racist towards people, and made sexual comments. Alex found out about this phony Facebook page a year after it was created and filed a report to the Cobb County Police. The police told the Boston Family to report the fake account to Facebook but the company denied their request until the lawsuit was filed. The administrators questioned, "weather the free speech rights allow students to say what they want when they're not at school." In this case defamation was a major factor that...