A Dangerous Business

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The McWane corporation's aggressive management style -- what it calls "disciplined management practices" -- has helped the company to achieve tremendous profits through increasing worker productivity. Some critics argue, however, that McWane's gains have come at a very high cost: its workers' safety -- and in some cases their lives. But McWane's way of doing business is not the only wayMcWane used to be one of the most dangerous places to work in the United States. Many people have been injured and even killed while working at the McWane Factory. Despite many citations and warning of a lawsuit from various institutions such as government agencies, the McWane plant has always found a way to violate the laws in order to lower costs and increase profits.

The McWane Plant is a company with profits of two billion. They used what they called “disciplinary management” which was to encourage productivity with less regard for individual safety.

When they were violating the town’s policy on air pollution, they were given a warning.

This warning was to clean up their polluting piles within 60 days or a suit would be filed against them. This sprung them into action as they fixed that specific problem and stopped polluting the air. When they had tons of wasted liquid, they dumped it into a river close to the Delaware River. Investigators then followed the oil polluting the river, leading them to a factory owned by the McWane Plant.

One specific employee was killed when he was taking a dangerous shortcut. A guard was not present to stop him and the machine which crushed up was unshielded.

Washington has so far cited them with over 500 violations with documentations of horrible accidents.

Currently the McWane plant continues to operate in the United States. The plant...