The Dangerous Game

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Ladies and Gentleman of the jury; my defendant Rainsford is innocent of the accusations that have been brought against him.

Everysingle living thing has the right to defend their life. My defendant Rainsford indeed killed Zaroff; however it was in self defense.

Rainsford with out knowing came into the Ship-Trap Island; where a man named Zaroff played his dangerous game, the game consisted of a three day hunt in which Zaroff was the hunter and the prey in this case Rainsford.

Zaroff supplied his huntees with hunting clothes, food, and a knife while Zaroff was to follow, armed with a pistol.

If Zaroff had founded his prey (Rainsford) he would have killed him, and that would have given him the victory, but if in midnight of the third day Zaroff did not found him he could go; eventhought that Zaroff said this he also said "to the day I have not lost".

By saying this he also meant to tell Rainsford that he was not going to allow him out of the island.

After Rainsford heard this, he consider it to be cold blood- murder; however Zaroff said "life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and if need be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure".

Zaroff concired pleasure to murder humans.

Rainsford refused to play the game, and he asked to live the island; however Zaroff did not allow Rainsford to live the island, and he said that Ivan his servant would kill Rainsford if he did not play.

My defendant Rainsford, had no choice but to play the game.