Dante's modern inferno

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Dr. Thomas Hendren

The Divine Comedy of Jack


A winding path marked with good and tainted with evil has presented itself to me throughout my journey that presents itself as life. This path caused me to ponder the idea of what comes after this treacherous journey. The people i have encountered during my time here: friends, peers, acquaintances, enemies, family, and most importantly myself, where will we end up when our eyes do not open for the last time. Damnation seems acceptable for many people that walk this earth, while eternal happiness presents a justified sentence for others. However, the many footsteps that have taken have centered around the evil that this world offers; the people that causes others pain and anguish, act with deceit, and deserve nothing but an ending full of suffering.

During my days, I have more or less compiled a list that demonstrates the spectrum of evil our Earth fosters with its inhabitants.

From celebrities to peasants, the list is not and never will be complete, however it provides a blueprint for the rest of their world to follow to keep evils away. i may not consider myself a religious man and surely this cannot be considered or treated as a religious text, but taking these ideas lightly would be a mistake, or you too may end up like those listed herein.

The day will come where chains link those who have not passed on to the kingdom that many refer to as heaven. The chains drowned in brown rust will mark those who deserve punishments and will begin their journey into the damnation of afterlife. One figure will lead the dregs of this world through a series of general pain and sufferings until splitting them up into the...