David Blaine...What is he?

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David Blaine...What is he? Where does he come from? Who ever watches this thing he calls an art, has asked them selves if this guy is even from this planet. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York with only his mother. He witnessed his first magic trick when he was about six years old. His mother encourages everything he does, one day David told his mom he wanted to grow up an be a showman an she was always their to support him, even knowing he probably wouldn't be anything close to that! They were always moving around Brooklyn, he says "for some reason the buildings we were living in always seemed to burn down." This liberated him from his material possessions, even to this day.

You don't get into magic. Magic gets into you. Its not only mystery but a great deal of science comes along with is. Manipulation astonishment and control also plays a big role.

David tries to explain magic like the more ahead of the game you plan the probability of you winning is greater, same thing with magic the farther ahead of the person you plan; your trick is more likely to work. He has great mind control, like how would like to sit in a box full of cold water an ice cubes? Well he had no choice if he wanted to withstand the coldness of the ice he was going to be standing in, he had to train his body get him physically and mentally prepared. He sees it as "the ice isn't cold to me, I tell my self I have to do it, pretend like I have no choice, it makes it easier."

David's talents and amazing mind blowing tricks didn't come easy for him. He was about five when he...