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Plato says, guardians should be "naturally fitted." And as among farmers the best are those with a natural turn for farming, so, if we want the best among our Guardians, we must take those naturally fitted to watch over a commonwealth." (Plato, 329) Plato argues that guardians must always fight for what they believe is best for the people. Plato believes that violence should not be used as a means to 'force' an idea.

Plato mentions, guardians must be able to withstand "ordeals of toil and pain." "Whenever we find one who has come unscathed through every test in childhood, youth, and manhood, we shall set him as a Ruler to watch over the commonwealth; he will be honored in life, and after death receive the highest tribute of funeral rites and other memorials." (Plato 330)

Socrates argues, men and women have a proper place. "After all, it may be suitable that the women should have their turn on the stage when the men have quite finished their performance, especially since you are so insistent."

(Plato, 335) Plato quotes Socrates and Glaucon as saying (Isn't there a very great difference in nature between man and woman? Does not that natural difference imply a corresponding difference in the work to be given to each?" Yes.... (Plato, 337) Plato mentions that although there is no "occupation concerned with the management of social affairs which belong to a man or woman, as such. Naturally gifts are to be found here and there in both creatures alike; and every occupation is open to both, so far as their natures are concerned, though woman is for all purposes the weaker. Certainly...." (Plato, 338)

Plato defines philosophers: "We have brought you into existence for your country's sake...