"In Death Constant beyond Love" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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"In Death Constant beyond Love", we get a picture of what Senator Sanchez is really like. He is a powerful money hungry man who finds out he is going to die. He does however become very intrigued by Laura Farina. The senator's erotic love for Laura is an illusion because he is left with solitude at the end of the story. Senator Sanchez is very stunned by Laura's beauty and it takes him by surprise. Laura was sent to Senator Sanchez because her father needed Laura to convince the senator to get the false identity cards. Laura being a teenager did what her father asked.

"The senator caressed her slowly, seeking her with his hand, barely touching her, but where he expected to find her, be came across something iron that was in the way. What have you got there? A padlock, she said... He told me to tell you to send one of your people to get it along with him a written promise that you'll straighten out his situation" (Garcia Marquez 2854).

This did anger him but also it made it a little easier for his depressed state of mind to become an actual reality. See Senator Sanchez has power and money and has used that power and money over people. By going for his one weakness, which is his heart, it made his death more solitude. He knew that Laura did not really love him or did she want to be with him. It was because her father requested to go. This made his death less frightening. "Forget about the key, he said, and sleep awhile with me. It's good to be someone when you're alone" (Garcia Marquez 2855). He is just so worn down that he only wants Laura to lay with him. He needs to have someone lay with him so it makes him feel better.

In conclusion this story is of power and money but it is also about a man who is told that he will die. He loathes having someone by his side when he dies. He likes Laura's beauty and grace. He is dilusional though because his erotic obsession for Laura might be the only thing that eases him at his time of death. Laura is using him to get something for her father.