Death Penalty

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Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

About two years ago, Dolores Dee Gonzales, one of the staff members of Mission College, was killed by her boyfriend. Her body was cut into pieces. She left a two-year old son alone in the world. Her demise has been a shock to her relatives and people who have known her. They have been waiting for justice. It is clear that the murderer must be put in prison for the committed crime. However, other people might not be satisfied with this result; they might say, "No, he must be sentenced to death because it is justice. Therefore, we have laws. " Even though I am always opposed to crime, I do not think that the death penalty is one of the best ways to bring a murderer to justice. In my opinion, death penalty is irreligious, unconstitutional, unable to reduce violent crime, inhumane, and too expensive.

Besides, we should consider cases in which innocent persons have been executed by mistakes or murderers redeem themselves for their crimes.

Capital punishment or the death penalty is an execution authorized by the government to prosecute a criminal who was involved in violent crimes. Since the first European settlers arrived in America, the death penalty has been accepted to punish a variety of offenses. The English Penal Code listed fourteen capital offenses such as idolatry, blasphemy, rape, kidnapping, murder, assault in sudden anger… (Baird, Punishment and the Death Penalty, 103) There are five types of execution: hanging, electronic chair, firing squad, poisoning gas, and lethal injection. The first recorded execution in the US was performed in Virginia in 1608. In 1845, the American for the Abolition of Capital Punishment was established. In 1846, the death penalty method was replaced with life imprisonment. (Baird, 104)

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