The Death Penalty: Pros and Cons

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According to the FBI, every year about 14,000 crimes are committed in the United States. This only includes murder, theft, and several other crimes that are significantly committed over and over. The solution has been implanted into the law, that solution's name is The Death Penalty System. In the next three paragraphs, it will prove that without this system, we will have no control over our justice system.

To begin, The Death Penalty has many benefits and few disadvantages. This system exists in the sole purpose of eliminating criminals and over the past hundreds of years; it has done its job. As this system progresses to be more efficient, by eliminating unwanted criminals in our society, our neighborhoods have been safer. This system also is designed to help the nation to decide who goes and who doesn't. Although most people are sure that a person has committed a crime, it is best decided in the courtroom where everything is fair.

Therefore, the Death Penalty has benefits that can help our society grow tall and strong.

Next, Money is a big priority in our society. The Death Penalty eliminates criminals that just live in our jails and feed on the government's money. One asks why we should support these criminals after they have done so much to harm us. The Death Penalty solves this problem because it saves the money for other use. The Death Penalty also prevents overpopulation of jails. Overpopulated jails lead to force construction of new jails. Building a jail can cost the government a huge chunk of money that may be used for community construction. Therefore, The Death Penalty also can helps the nation's financial problem.

Another, crimes committed against innocent people cannot be left unchanged. If a criminal kills an innocent person, they deserve the...