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The problem is russia is not complying with the stest ban treaty to dissarm all weapons of mass destruction. the problems lie along the lines of...

1. russia has biological weaopns waiting within russia, they also have the cure for many of these biological deseases which we do not. if the US enters a war this will give them a head start and we cant do anything about it because of their advanced technology of these biological weapons and deseases.

harm. one of the most disturbing side effects of modern life is the speed with which desease can spread around the globe. decades ago it was much less likey that an outbreak of infectious desease occuring on one contenet could cross ocean to another. intercontinenta air travel now makes it possible for deseases to arrive in othert continets before signs of the original outbreak has been recognized. the world health assembly attributes the problem of new and emergning deseases to the following modern trends: with the increaseing global population many are forced to live under conditions of overcrouding, inadequate housing, and poor heigene;...

more frequent international travel leads to rapid global exchange of human pathogens;... human behavioral changes expose large segments of the global population to desease not previously experienced;... expanidng areas of human habitation expose thousands of people to enzootic pathogens previously unknown as causes of human deseases; and... microbes continue to evolve and adapt to their environment, leading to the appearence to new pathogens.

quote- hiroshi nakajima, director general of the world health organization (WHO) said "we stand on the threshhold f a new era in which hundreds of millions wi at last be safe frm some of the worlds nmost dangerous diseases... we also stand on the brink of a global crisis and infectiuos deseases. no country is safe from them no country can no longer afford to ignore their threat.

if this were to happen it would reduce any chance of breakins, leading to terrorist actions against other countries with these weapons. the offical incharge of destroying russias 44,000 ton chemical arms arsenal, zinovoy pak, revealed monday that 3 people had beena rrested trying to brea ingto a storage site, the interface news agency reported. how easy would it be to lose 1 missle of 44,000 tons. how dangerous could this be and what would the outcome be if a terrorist got their hands on it. 1 missle for the planet.

the united states should help do this to make sure it is done right, safely, and efficently so that deaseses will be stopped before leakage into the environment destroying plantlife anumal and humans... in other words... let this happen, were all screwed.